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Internet Marketing How-to’s For Everyday People

A Bit of Ancient History…

A Very Young Bruce Chant* embarking on a career in Internet Marketing. (*Not Bruce Chant)

A Very Young Bruce Chant* embarking on a career in Internet Marketing.
(*Not Bruce Chant)

The first time internet marketing caught my attention was in the early-2000s. I had taught myself HTML and had worked out enough of the technical details of how to get a decent website set up. I had played around with blogging, and was amazed to hear that a bloke from Melbourne was making six figures a year from blogging.

That obviously got me interested in how exactly this was possible, and so begun my journey into the world of internet marketing.

Whilst I began to play around with Google Adsense ads, blog comments and title tags, I slowly but surely began to see how all these different elements came together into a coherent business framework. Whilst watching the cents, and then dollars, roll in daily from the Google and Chikita ads, I thought there has to be more we can do.

How We Began To Make it Work

My wife had started a meal planning blog and so we created a meal planning ebook which we sold for $19. That’s when we began to see the huge potential that the online world offers ordinary people like you and me, to make good incomes from our websites.

From there, we built out a number of different membership sites, continued to sell products and courses, I had quit my job and started a website and digital marketing business, which was later acquired by a public company.  I now make my career working in digital marketing full-time for some of Australia’s largest and most beloved brands. And I love it.

I love seeing how simple digital marketing principles can be used to increase traffic, increase leads and increase sales.

What I also love is how accessible all this is to everyday people, like you and me. And so I want to share with you many of things I have learnt along my journey building businesses online.

Online Marketing Talk (& Action!)


2007 Bruce says “Let’s Talk!”

I created a full time business out of people I knew asking me for help with their websites and online marketing. Some of those people are small business owners, others are employees in a marketing capacity. Others are simply people with initiative who want to create a second (or third or fourth) income for themselves through the internet.

I still have people come and ask about internet marketing today and I love nothing more than to talk about it, especially those in the category of wanting to start or grow a side project online.

After all, that’s where I came from and how I got to where I am today. I love that opportunity that exists around us. I love that there has never been a better time in modern history to take initiative and create a sustainable online business and the real income that goes with it.

So, who is this site for?

It’s for anyone that wants to talk about digital marketing but particularly those that want to learn how to create the side project online or to grow that online business and take it to the next level.

If that’s you, I’d recommend you jump on the Insider’s List. It’s free, all you need is your email address and you’ll get access to some of the strategies I use to grow traffic & increase your sales, and to create a wealth building mindset necessary for success.

There has never been a better time! Jump into it and you won’t miss out.