Three Easy Things I Am Doing for a Better New Year

We love new years. A new year brings new hope for a new you.

It might just be another day, but to many of us it represents a natural ebb in the flow of time to reflect on our lives and reset things in order to become the people we want to be.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not there yet.

So here are three simple actions, I’ve taken each of the past two years and am planning to do again as I start 2017, to get the most of out the year.

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How to Get Unstuck When You Aren’t Making Progress

Three Questions You Must Ask

I hated it. Every minute of it.

Every Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday morning. 8am. I sat and I struggled big time.

1st Year Economic & Business Statistics. Let’s not beat around the bush. Economic & Business statistics is just a fancy name for maths. Just hard, confusing, boring maths. 8am class, four days per week. And I hated it.

No matter how I motivated myself to succeed, how I tried to apply myself to this course, how I attempted to master this subject matter, I just could not get anywhere.

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