Are you looking for advice on the right path to take, BEFORE committing to a significant investment?

Are you wanting to know what digital marketing channel IS RIGHT for you and your business?

Are you looking for practical advice & education to LEARN HOW to manage your own digital marketing strategy & campaigns?

How Can You Benefit from Bruce’s Experience?

Consult with Bruce in order to:

  • Get clarity of what is right for you and your business
  • Ensure your digital marketing channels produce a positive return on investment
  • Measure what matters, not what doesn’t
  • Fill gaps in your strategy & execution that are leaking dollars
  • Save valuable time & resources utilising someone else’s expensive mistakes (instead of making them – and paying for them – yourself!)
Bruce is a trusted advisor on all things digital marketing.

Whilst digital marketing channels can be powerfully utilised in the building of your business, they can also be minefield for the inexperienced and uninitiated, quickly draining budgets and shrinking your ROI.

You can benefit from Bruce’s years of digital marketing experience and ensure that you don’t end up making expensive mistakes or paying for incompatible, imcomplete or unsuitable services.

Starting from an investment of $250, Bruce can consult on the following:

  • Digital marketing strategy review & recommendations
  • Technical SEO website audits
  • Website conversion analysis & recommendations
  • New website pre-launch audits
  • Review of Digital marketing proposals for business fit & suitablity
  • Digital marketing skills assessment for internal teams
  • Activity mapping
  • Reporting creation & analysis
  • Skill training & education
  • Vendor procurement
  • And much more.

If you are not sure of how to proceed or you want to mitigate your risk before you do, allow me to be the bridge from where currently are to where you need to be.

Enquire today about your requirements.