Why Search is STILL the Undisputed World Champion When it Comes to Traffic

When I tell people I work in digital marketing, I get one of two responses.

A glazed over look that tell me this person finds my vocation to be an instant sedative. Or an excited response, like they’ve found out we are long lost cousins because they:

a) have a blog,

b) are into affiliate marketing,

c) just signed up for an amazing online marketing course,

d) have a friend who makes a living off instagram, or

e) any of the thousands of other connections to the world of digital marketing.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the second response of the two above.

But what it demonstrates is just how many different ways there are to potential get eyes on your website. And it’s confusing. Continue reading

Grow Your Traffic with SEO that Gets Results!

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SEO is not dead, but SEO that works is getting harder to find.

And I aim to change that for you. Continue reading

The Irrational Hatred of Links

The latest topic of discussion amongst SEO’s right now is this article on Search Engine Land. Google Engineer John Mueller is quoted as saying, in regards to whether link building is in any way good “in general, I’d try to avoid that.”

google-john-muellerThis as you can imagine has sparked off discussion after discussion about what was really meant by this, what is the real context of the discussion, what is link earning vs. link building and inevitably is the link dead.

Whatever it means – and lets be honest it is extremely cryptic and grey – it is sure to send masses of webmasters and digital marketers off on a tangent where the link is bad and all you need is great content.

Good luck with that. Continue reading