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Australia’s Best Digital Marketing Blogs

So you like digital marketing, do you? Me too.

The problem I have is finding the best of local, Australian digital marketing content online. So I started to search, and as I searched I began to collate and sort the winners from the, well, not-so winners. Below are the best digital marketing blogs Australia has to offer right now.


ProBlogger – Darren Rowse

Everyone has heard of Problogger and interestingly hearing about Darren back in the the mid-2000s was want got me interested in “internet marketing” (as it was then). #blogging #contentmarketing #socialmedia

Robbie Richards

Hailing from Australia but now a resident State-side, Robbie has one of the most actionable digital marketing blogs out there. Tons of gold here, you will learn stuff reading #SEO #traffic #emailmarketing

Jeff Bullas

Jeff is prolific and his social media presence is immense! Jeff’s blog content covers a multitude of online topics, making him an ideal resource for anyone starting out online. #socialmedia

StewArt Media – Jim Stewart

Jim is another veteran Aussie online marketing professional. His blog features a short, digestable videos often covering the nuts and bolts of SEO and the latest industry changes. #SEO

More Business Online

Don’t know much about these guys, but in my searching I found them and found their content current, actionable and often, in-depth.  #inbound #contentmarketing

BlueWire Media

BlueWire Media are Sydney based web strategists and this is reflected in their content. It’s in-depth, and covers many insightful content-marketing angles. They also have a podcast.  #contentmarketing  #inbound

Socially Sorted – Donna Moritz

As the name suggests Donna Moritz’s blog covers all things social media. As social media veteran you can expect to the point how-to’s and few why-to’s as well. Great resource to head your head around social. #socialmedia

Web Profits – Alex Cleanthous

Alex has been walking users through CRO principles and examples since before we called it CRO. Web profits blog regularly delivers great content, often via video. #CRO #inbound

Melbourne SEO Services – David Jenyns

Another online marketing veteran Dave Jenyns and the Melbourne SEO services team have a long track record of putting out high quality digital marketing content.  #SEO  #contentmarketing  #business

DEJAN SEO – Dan Petrovic

Dan and the DEJAN team could be considered Australia’s chief SEO scientists. Not only do they run a high profile agency, they also share plenty of cool insights, findings and tools from their work with the rest of us. #SEO

Prosperity Media – James Norquay

James Norquay has become the producer of some high quality content both on his company blog and elsewhere online. Some interesting case studies here make it great reading. #SEO #contentmarketing

Matt Antonino

I’m hoping Matt’s quietness lately is not going to last too long, because his insights into digital marketing and business are personal and relatable on every level. #SEO #business

Reload Media

Brisbane’s Reload Media are another agency putting their learnings into words for people like you and me. Kudos for that. #SEO #SEM

Chris Burgess

Chris’ blog offers plenty of WordPress SEO related goodness, making it a valuable resource. #SEO #Wordpress

Kwasi Studios

Adelaidian inbound marketers Kwasi produce some great content with very clickable titles. I’d expect nothing less from an agency called Kwasi! #inbound #contentmarketing

Laurel Papworth

Another social media maven, Laurel’s blog will give you plenty to build a solid social media strategy with, or just expand your understanding of these digital channels. #socialmedia


Actionable content is great content. At Thundermetric you’ll find inbound marketing and growth hacking goodness in practice (not just in theory). #SEO #CRO #contentmarketing

Seven Day Start Up – Dan Norris

This blog offers great value to anyone wanting get an online business off the ground. Covering digital strategies & how-to’s, to business advice and startup hacks, 7 day start up has you covered. #startup #contentmarketing

The Recipe for SEO Success – Kate Toon

Lots of video-based tips and advice for the user wanting to learn SEO. Clearly Kate understands her market, and no doubt those listening / reading her blog get plenty of value from it. #SEO #copywriting

SEO Copilot

Good solid content covered on this blog. If you are looking for answers to some of your SEO questions, you will find helpful info here. #SEO

Ed Dale

Ed’s another name synonymous with internet marketing in Australia. Ed is always thinking on the edge of digital and that makes his thoughts well worth a read. #startup #contentmarketing #copywriting

Small Paper Things – Kate Cook

Kate covers the social + digital intersection on her blog, as well adding plenty of business building advice & content, which budding entrepreneurs will appreciate. #socialmedia #business #startup

Justin Taylor Consulting

Justin is another digital marketing pro with a long resume and plenty of wise things to say. Lots of good content here to improve your digital marketing. #SEM #SEO


I’ve tried to cover plenty of bases here, depending on your interests and likes. But no doubt I’ve missed some. If you think I’ve missed any that you think SHOULD be here, please leave a comment below.

Happy reading.

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  1. Thanks for providing us digital marketing information that we really need for my SEO business. Good thing to know that there are people who care for other by sharing their insights about SEO.

  2. Great resourceful blogs. I appreciate the author for making this resource. Just wondering to know since these digital marketing blogs are best in Australia, but any of these sites are not have a domain based in AU. I’m surprised to know pro blogger is one of the best sites in Australia.