The Irrational Hatred of Links

The latest topic of discussion amongst SEO’s right now is this article on Search Engine Land. Google Engineer John Mueller is quoted as saying, in regards to whether link building is in any way good “in general, I’d

Three SEO Trends for 2015

Each year we look back on the year just gone and realise how much has changed in the world of SEO. Well this year has been no different. As we look forward, 2015 is going to be

Is Google+ Dead or is it a Key Element of Organic Search Success?

A couple of days ago, TechCrunch published an article declaring the end is nigh for Google+. This pronouncement was based upon Google+’s product leader Vic Gundotra is leaving the company. So, is Google+ dead as TechCrunch would have

How to Recover From a Penguin Penalty

2013 heralded the arrival of a number of Penguin algorithm updates and these updates found a number of business owners and SEOs out. With sharp declines in organic traffic, people were asking how do I recover?

Is SEO Dead? Three Areas SEO is Alive

It seems every week there is a new “SEO is dead” post doing the rounds. Is SEO dead? Or has SEO’s death been greatly exaggerated? As we look to SEO in 2014, here are 3 areas of

Is Wix any Good for SEO?

One of the most important questions to ask when taking on a new SEO client is “what CMS is the website built on?” The reason is not all websites are made equal!